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Just wanted to show of a first design of my new project. It’s a tank robot which will be completely full with sensors and other cool stuff 8)

Features I plan:
*Autonomous driving using sensoring
*GPS location and geologging
*Remote surveillance and observation
*Fully suspended drive train

*2 distance sensors
*2 Reflective sensors
*Temperature sensor
*GPS mouse
*RFID reader

This is the first 3d model, just to give me (and you) an idea of it, currently working on the plexi and the tank tracks.

Not much to discuss yet, but I will update this topic with news :wink:


And this is the second image:

NOTE: these tracks are not the ones I will use, these are there to give an idea.


Very nice. What happened to the other robot you were making


I let it rest a bit. Having some problems with the servo power and 2 servos got damaged.
Planning some new stuff for the other one, but might take a while.

In the meantime I have come up with this project. Not only because the other is damaged, but I would like to try the new cool stuff I won with the contest 8)

Gus, I did not get a response on my PWM question, so here it is:

DC Motor drivers have both the same error with the PWM declaration:

This line:

Gives this error:

What is wrong?

Almost ready with the plexi and paint. Will post images later on 8)


Did you add the GHI hardware assembly?


:-[ ::slight_smile:

Thanks Gus… I feel ashamed :-[ :-[ :-[


Looks really nice Foekie! It’ll have to compete with R.W.A.R (my project)!


Here are some images I took before and which I took just yet:


I call that very neat. :wink:


Be careful with that tamiya (sp?) gear box. They can strip out gears pretty easy if the axles are not well supported outside of the gearbox. If you only depend on the gearbox for support than they will strip quickly.


I believe they are supported enough. I have a set in spare if things go wrong :stuck_out_tongue:

Stay tuned for a video! ;D


I have used those gearboxes before and I wasn’t really happy with them. the big issue I had was with the fact that the motors are really fragile. That’s the reason why I bought the high powered RC car. It’s about as fragile as a rock :o

What material are you using for the body, Foekie?


Throwing in some solarbotics replacement motors will save your battery life and give you more power. I have the same gear boxes i used on a line follower works good enough but i replaced the motors to have more of a umph.


Well, you can’t compare a $200 RC car with a $8 gearbox haha.
You guys are right. This is not high tech, but enough for a prototype :slight_smile:

As always : plexi 8)

I will keep it in note, although this is a still a prototype ;D


Video :dance:


Nice one! Now, this is what I expect to see back from a FEZ Master :wink:

Can’t wait to see more videos


Please do not hate me for not knowing to use I2CDevice. when I am not awake, haha :-[ :smiley:

Soon there will be more fun stuff to see, got a lot of toys from some nice company, worth $500… :whistle:



Comments / suggestions are welcome :stuck_out_tongue:


Take a look at this website’s main page :slight_smile:


I feel honored :-[
Cool! Stay tuned for more!