R&D Monday


@ Justin - What atoms can be used to form this molecule?

@ taylorza


@ Justin - Extension to the BSI Board ?

@ PiWi - nope ::slight_smile:

That didn’t take them long. How long before you share your evil-genius plans with the group?

@ Jason


@ Justin - I think your safe here, I don’t think ISIL patrol this forum much. Unless they choose to communicate under the veil of bargain kitchens that is. :think:

What? Who said im a spy? Im not a spy I swear on my FEZ…

Doesn’t mention electronics at all, so talk away.

I knew they were going to be small…but seeing them in the flesh…eeek :open_mouth:

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@ Justin - What are those? Quite itty bitty. Grab the magnifier!

3v3 vreg

@ Justin - good luck! Just don’t drop them or inhale quickly.

You might need an ultra fine pitch solder paste :wink:

Why does it look like a toy car!? :think: :smiley:

I would need something the size of the toy car at least then I might stand a chance!!

Which one? Got a Mouser or Farnell code?

@ Jason - http://uk.farnell.com/micrel-semiconductor/mic5353-3-3ymt-tr/ldo-3-3v-0-5a-0-16vdo-2-6mlf/dp/2293425

You were not kidding @ Justin! I got mine yesterday and they are tiny!