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Quoting a post


Not a huge deal, but imo a helpful option would be to have a button next to posts to automatically quote and show the original poster’s name that post in your response.

I’ve attached a snapshot from another board to show how others are doing.

(The exclamation mark button allows the user to notify admins about a post that is noteworthy :wink: Discussions around here don’t get that heated, from what I have seen - so I don’t think that’s needed.)


I’ve wanted this from day one too.

I have been using ^^^^ to avoid c&p to quote people ::slight_smile:


Chris said:

Oh is that what that meant ! I missed that totally.

Yes, a “quote” button would be good. I revert to C&P, but even the quoting (and hyperlink/code buttons) aren’t flawless and jump the cursor around weirdly occasionally and make that less than ideal. But I’d bet Josh has something in the plan for this.

Another challenge in replying, particularly in “hot” topics, is you can only see the last 3 posts in the thread when you’re in the reply screen. That means you can’t c&p during your reply if you need somtehing from the 4th post or from multiple earlier posts.


Yeah, that’s what it means. I usually use it when I am replying to the post directly above mine, or if I am just lazy.


Was already shot down by GHI:


I read through that (quickly) but I don’t understand why people think it would quote the entire thread?

There would the normal “Reply” button so it wouldn’t be an automatic quote.

In the image below, there are 3 options:

  1. Post Reply takes you another page with full post edit options.
  2. Quick Reply expands the bottom of the page to include a Textbox and button to submit right from that page.
  3. Quote - is like the Post Reply, except it takes the post wraps it up in Quote tags. It does prevent more than 3 quotes in a post to cut down on the visual clutter.

I don’t think option #2 would be needed.

This gives the options to do manual or automatic.It makes it so much easier to follow than the “@ so and so” messages in a page, especially if they are several posts apart.

Just a suggestion to make a great board that much better, imo.


Personally, i’m with you mhectorgato. That, and PM are standard features on almost every forum/bb out there…


I think the forum will end up being almost similar to a classic forum/bb. ??? Efforts and headaches added.

A small time could have been taken to “customize” PhpBB or vBulletin (examples only) and big time taken for Fezzer or TinyCLR specifics.

To me, that’s just too bad :hand:

But it doesn’t mean that Josh and maybe others have made bad work. Instead, they have produced something good, but it’s kind of reinventing the wheel, I think.


not exactly :slight_smile: The forum looks like a forum but connects to a lot of things in the back-end. Yeah we could have used any open source forum and spend months trying to hook it to what we have int eh back or spend that time to make our own and then we can change it anyway we like.


Especially if you consider that TinyCL® is currently growing, literally ! :whistle:



Nice background image ! :clap:



It’s very much appreciated that you guy continue to improve the site.


You haven’t seen the new forum…man I wish I am allowed to give you the “secret link” :smiley:

It should be up in about a week


I don’t like the gradient on the new post list, it’s too distracting having a corrugated look.


Yeah, I gotta agree. It needs to fade out smoother


The display of names is upsetting :smiley:


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There must be a curse on you, heroes :smiley:

Quite hard to read, though :wall: