Quote of the Day

“You can’t live in a fantasy world and run a business” - Bre Pettis


Tell that to the Disney Corporation… ;D :stuck_out_tongue:


New Quote of the day: Tell that to the Disney Corporation :slight_smile:

  1. Do not take life too seriously. You will never get out of it alive.

  2. There are lots of people who mistake their imagination for their memory.


I’ve been looking at some executives remuneration packages lately and considering their skillsets and contributions to their companies, its pretty clear they are living in a fantasy world while tryin to run their business.


The real world.


I like the Idea.

Yep. AKA when git (or SVN) blame returns your user ID.

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But you can run a country and live in a fantasy world…

How do you think I do all my coding?

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I think I messed up the order of my posts.

  1. should be “Coding Drunk”
  2. should be about “Spaghetti code… Wait, I did this two weeks ago”
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  1. Should be “posting drunk”
  2. should be “Coding Drunk”
  3. should be about “Spaghetti code… Wait, I did this two weeks ago”



Sounds about right :wink:

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I actually knew 2 women, who figured out a college programming problem after they had a dose of strong drink. One was doing tequila shots.

@ Mr. John Smith - Heck, I saw a twitter post today of a photo-shopped O’Reilly book titled “Drunk Coding”, had a fish on the cover. Subtitle: “Thinking outside of the bottle”

I hope it was 100% agave. :wink:

Meanwhile at work…

And in the real life too.

Who hasn’t slept under their desk from time to time?

I can understand when its under the desk, but on the desk itself, she’s asking for trouble. :naughty: ;D

@ EvoMotors - Oh ya, that platform is fixing to be on the ground. Can you get us a live feed?