Quite a few modules

Wrapping up my inaugural semester as NETMF lecturer… Quite a heavy box it gets once everything is disassembled!.. :slight_smile:


I like the background. :wink:

@ Simon from Vilnius - Nice.

But you know what @ DukeNukem would call that…a good start. :smiley:


@ Simon from Vilnius - What do you intend to do with all the moisture modules? Measure how green your listeners are behind their ears? :whistle:

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@ Simon from Vilnius - You are living one of my dreams as I think Gadgeteer is a perfect teaching tool and I’d love to hear about how your initial semester went. Hopefully early in the new year I’ll have something similar to announce.

Save the dying plants, of course :slight_smile:

Pretty well, actually. Students grasped on the subject immediately. Eventually all of them were able to send sensor data to ThingSpeak.

There were annoying thing, too. Mostly various software/hardware glitches, that quickly send a noob student to a dead-end:

  • Visual Studio somehow looses the device name, so one has to reselect it under project properties;
  • Ethernet with Enc28 module works fine, but it cannot get an IP with J11D module;
  • frequent releases of GHI SDK that are hard to control in such classes where some students come with their own laptops, while others use PCs in the class;
  • and so on.

But… Next year, if Gadgeteer and NETMF is still around, I’ll return prepared better :slight_smile:

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These boxes give me some idea to for my module (even if I have less !)