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Quiet forum


This forum is awfully quite passed 4AM! Where is everyone? :nerd:


for sure …

10AM! in Kosovo.


@Gus_Issa I’m on Holiday: no module, no mainboard … but a lot of projects in head: a groveToTinyClr Library as gadgeteerToTinyClr !
An idea to develop gadgeteerToTinyClr : add socket system as it exists in gadgeteer, it can be easier to connect module, but can consume more memory.
I’m waiting an example for RLP in TinyClr: i would like to do a function which wait 5 mircroseconds, but I don’t know how to begin.
That’s just some ideas …


Only 3:56 here


I was finishing my Friday evening at work, then navigating Sydney traffic. Fun commute today, 90 mins to work, 90 home. Possibly 30 total minutes longer than normal, if anyone cares :slight_smile:


Now in Kosovo time is 14:50(PM) and i’m still at work until 1600 (from 0800) - still is Friday 28

Later from 1630 start to work until 1930 at university with students

when i finish other time from 2000 when i come at home i will run with my sons until they sleep at 2355 another part of time i will try to manage for sleepin (and maybe testing and coding until 0730)

So weekend is for my kids (on pause i will check forums for any contribution) to rest until Monday


Surely someone cares, somewhere :yum:


Ok, ok, I care!.


Do I hear complains? I am over 24 hours working straight! The documentation gotten a lot better and a lot more to be done by Aug 1st. :nerd:


Gus is feeling lonely. Ok Gus, we’re here to comfort you.


I’m not leaving you alone i’ll be there (time by time)
to make questions for(have or not) answers


Just checkin’ (are people off)


On holiday in Slovenia. Hope Gus doesn’t get over tired and get the docs mixed up :grinning: