Quick Jumper Module

Even though we make products for another platform i though that we should start also making things Gadgeteer compatible as we both use the same 10 pin connector. I have found this board very useful when developing my own products as you can use it to reroute pins from the Main board to the module, or even to open pins, and connect scopes and meters to the lines.

You can check it out here if interested.

Thank you.


looks nice

I ran into situations where I need something like that.

Indeed, I had to rip a gadgeteer cable just today to measure the current pulled to a module.

Nice module! I have used two extenders and a breadboard for that.

That looks awfully similar to the Rewire module…

Yep! I agree that everyone needs one in their toolbox.

Speaking of, I have new V3 modules in stock:


I also have one more V2 module (for a whopping 33% off!) :


@ godefroi -

What is the difference between v2 and v3?

Well, I thought it was the lack of soldermask between the pins (to make it easy to bridge them), but now that I closely examine V2, it looks like it also lacked the mask. Other than that, the silkscreen is a bit better, and the routing is a little different, but it’s been so long since I layed it out, I don’t honestly remember :wink: