Quick clock test

Bit rough as i only spent 20mins on it, but it proves the concept will work :slight_smile:


Where did you get the round lcd? I’ve been looking for so long.

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It kinda looks like this one at Sparkfun.com:

Round TFT LCD - RGB 240 x 240

But I’d be guessing… :roll_eyes:

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$36 - cheap at twice the price!

But I still went with the $7.67 version :blush:

The final decision before Agent 2.0 is a go is deciding on which display with CTP - Round or Rectangular…

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@Justin Sweet! I didn’t know that this site even existed! Will have to look into it a bit more… :+1:

Lots of display candy there - i have been getting displays from them for years…

Are you really calling it that? If you do, GHI should make them for a backers and hand for free :grin: it is 2020, let’s go crazy!

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Why not? :relaxed:
Would be classic to make them for the original backers :rofl:


So in New Zealand they think the Earth orbits the Moon? Well I guess they are looking at things from a little different angle than the rest of us! :rofl:

The display does look nice – I want one but I’m not sure what I’d do with it.

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And electrons flow backwards da :yum:

How about…

Unicorn.Net - The Mystical Spot Watch™

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