Questions regards Security - TinyCLR 2.0

I have an intesting questions …

  • how was secure

example - if GHI Electronic sale same board/or som
to (different clients) :

  • me
  • to another partner 1
  • another partner 2

can i secure my firmware (to be used only to my devices) or can use also other devices
from partner 1 or partner 2 (if have same hardware …)

You mean your application, not firmware.

No one can load your application. Otherwise it is pointless, right?

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Good point from Valon. If we develop a system using your modules/processors etc and the use your secure encryption to send the update to the client, what stops them making the same hardware by reverse engineering it and then using the encrypted code to programme them with?

Is there something in the encryption of the update files that prevents them being deployed to other hardware that is not ours?

In the past, I have used the processor unique ID but that means I have to track every single ID and who has what and then create a unique installer for each system.

Because you are required to provide a key when you load the file and you are the only one with that key.


Even better, the file is getting sent over the internet. But you can use any other methods.

Are we talking about a key that is input to TinyCLR Config as I assume you are talking about giving the client an encrypted file to load with that over the USB port?

We would not need a key if the update was provided via a FLASH disk and handled by the software already on the device. I’ve used that method before with the G400D.

No TinyCLR config, you will have secure infield update that can customize… I think I know what what my tech talk will be about.

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