Questions about the 7 LED Module

I was wondering whats the Forward Voltage Drop and the total power consumption (mA), can anyone help?

3.3v at about 5 to 10ma. Why asking?

3.3V? The uC only provides 3.3V if I’m not mistaken that’d make the resistor a bit odd, and 5-10mA doesn’t seem quite right, was that per LED or for all 7 of them lit? I’m asking because I want to make sure that the stuff I’m working on will be compatible, I don’t want anyone to damage anything.

I don’t need to waste your time, you can just give me the part numbers, and I’ll look it up myself. Then you can call that one 100% OSHW too :wink:

Oh yes that was per led.

Did you mean the voltage drop on LED itself? We do not use a specific kind, whatever we find at a good price, this is just an 0805 LED! Typically these are in teh 2V range if I remember correctly. You can easily measure it using a volt meter. As for the resistors, these should be in eagle files, 330ohm.

I am still trying to understand your question. If you tell us what you are trying to accomplish then we can help better.

In an attempt to learn more about electronics:

So if it’s 5-10mA per LED, would you simply multiply that by 7 to get the draw for all 7 active?

Or is there more to it?