Questions about music volume and Safari compatibility

I’m playing with my new BradPad Arcade :grinning:, and have two issues. First, the music volume is really, really low, even though I’ve set volume to 255. It works fine on the simulator, but not on the actual hardware.

Secondly, I’ve had multiple issues with Safari – is compatible with it?

Thanks for any info,

The low volume is known issue. It is software so one day it will just fix itself. You do not need to do anything.

As for browser, safari was not tested but we will pass this on to Microsoft. I think chrome is the one mostly used.

What is the first game you will be making?

Thanks, Gus. As far as my first game, great question. My main reason for investigating this is to find some cool tech for a group of teachers that my colleagues and I have been mentoring, so whatever games will appeal to their kids (middle-high school).


It’s been fixed on the Beta side of Arcade and will be on their master site soon. In the meantime you can access the beta site here. All new changes to MakeCode Arcade are staged here first.

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