Question: Sensors

Does anyone know of a moisture sensor that would plug into the FEZ Mini? I want to use it for automated plant watering. I’m new to this type of hardware, so if there are suggestions for other online or offline reading, I’d appreciate that as well.


not 100% sure Mini supporte OneWire, but if it does (and I’m pretty sure it should - the support is in USBizi) then you can get One Wire sensors for moisture. Check out the weather sensors over at and see.

Brett, It most defiantly supports OneWire :slight_smile:

“stacyh3”, I know there is humidity Onewire sensors but not sure about moisture. I did a quick Google search and found this sensor which is analog. You can connect it to any one of the analog inputs and you are good to go…should be very easy!
Here is the link

You need the 3V version not the 1.8V

Let us know how it goes

Thanks! This should be a fun project!