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Question on Using Codeshare code


Is it permissible, to share on codeshare, modified code found on Codeshare?
Or is the original authors authorization required?

Project - WebSocket Client for .NET and .NETMF
JDI WebSocketClient
jasdev on Apr. 7, 2013

I thought it was beautiful code but I changed it more to my liking. Mostly the Windows Form was changed so you can select the different Logging Modes and not have to change
things and recompile.

Image provided of the modified form:


Yes I think thats fine.


@ hagster -

I read that post before and It’s like a lawyer reading something to me…

I’m sure I would miss something so I guess I should not post.


@ willgeorge -[em]

Include Copyright
Describes whether the original copyright must be retained.[/em]

If there is a copyright statement in the source code files then you must keep it. Aside; I’m not really sure if a licence is required if there is not assertion of copyright.

[em]Include License
Including the full text of license in modified software.[/em]

select Apache 2 as the codeshare licence.

[em]State Changes
Stating significant changes made to software.

If there is a change log then add to it. If not create one.

[em]Include Notice
If the library has a “NOTICE” file with attribution notes, you must include that NOTICE when you distribute. You may append to this NOTICE file.[/em]

As it says. If such a Notice file exists then keep it.


@ hagster -

Thank you for taking the time to respond.

I have erased all of the code so it is no longer available.
Not smart enough to understand if I would have everything covered!


@ willgeorge - Please post your code on Code Share. I am the author of that code, and I happily grant you permission to create and publish a modified version. Thank you for making use of my code.

I’ve been meaning to update the code for 4.3, but just haven’t had the time.