Question on Raptor with VMWare View Horizon

We have developed a successful prototype with FEZ Raptor / .NETMF and we are looking at converting to a production version.

We have a question about virtualization support.

We want to perform development and testing of the production version having the FEZ Raptor connect its USB to a VMWare View Horizon thin client. We would developed the code in the Virtual Desktop and have it talk from the VMWare View Horizon running on a VMWare View Horizon server to the FEZ Raptor.

We have tried to get this to work with no success to this point.

Can this be done? Are there instructions someone can point us to help us get this environment working?

Any advice would be helpful.


Thanks for the reply with the link.

You answered one question and it sounds like it can be done.

You help with the next question with including that link.

I will forward it on to my infrastructure team.

If you don’t mind, if we run into issues I will drop you a line.

@ jkempenich - If you run into issues, you can drop a line on this forum like you did before.