Question about WPF and change management

I know WPF is horrible and that I should never use it, but it’s what I know. One of my next goal is to take a look at Glide.

That said, how smart is it WPF about change management for backing variables?

Meaning if I have a Text with “some value” as it’s TextContent, and I try to set it to “some value” again, will the setter realize that it already has that value and know that it doesn’t need to do anything? Or will it try to erase the field and redraw it?

You can take a look at how it is implemented. Source code is open on Codeplex.

Unless it’s not done on the managed side it will be a lot of digging in the native code. But it’s doable.

Thanks - I’ll take a look at that.

@ Gralin, I think Gus said that WPF was done purely in C#, this my opening comment about “I know WPF is horrible”.

Since I’ve posted my question, I think I found a better way to do what I wanted to do.

I’m using JimmyJoeBobAlooba’s method in the comment.

But I am still curious, so I’ll take a look.