Question about "Webserver extension for Fez Cobra/EMX"

hello, I have a Cobra board and I have tried the example “Webserver extension for Fez Cobra/EMX” in Codeshare, Linl:

but I can’t run the example project.(see picture)

how can I try the example project successfully?

I look forward to your answer.

Have you followed the directions on the Error window?

Right click on the project and select “Properties”.

Under Application:

  1. change the Output Type

  2. change the Startup object

@ mhectorgato -

The Output Type is “Class Library” and Startup is “Not set”, are they right?

The “Rebuild Solution” is successful.

This is just a class library.

-Now create a new project of type NetMF console application.
-Add referenece and using statement for the library.
-Use Program.Main method of the application project for your web server app.

Wouter’s code has an example on how to use his library.

@ Architect -

thank you so much!!

Can you have a look at my another post , It’s a example “Using Adobe Flex to have Live data on Web Site”

I can’t run the example project too, I have also asked the Author of the example, but he doesn’t remember enough to help me.

Can you help me?

[quote]I have also asked the Author of the example, but he doesn’t remember enough to help me.


What is the issue exactly?

@ Architect -

I want to find a example about dada access between “EMX” and “http webbrowser”. I really want to know how can I monitor information( live data) on my board via the browser.
The example looks like pass me, so I want to try the example.

The example LInk is

but I can’t run the example successfully, the “rebuild solution” is ok, but after typing the IP of Cobra in a Webbrowser I saw nothing.

I have too little experience, how can I run the example successfully, can you try the exmple?

@ workhard: You cannot run the example out of the box, as it is missing a project file, there’s no solution and there are no using statemens in the top of the example file.

So a little work (no hard work however :wink: ) is needed at your side. Create a new project for your hardware. Try to get that running first…

Then right-click your solution in the “Solution explorer” and click “Add” > “Existing project”, then head to the “FastloadMedia.NETMF.csproj” file. Then right-click on your created project and choose “Add reference…”, click the “Projects” tab and select the “FastloadMedia.NETMF” library. Now in your project code type “HttpServer”, right-click on that word and choose “Resolve” > “using FastloadMedia.NETMF”.

Once you have that, check the Example.cs file and extract what you need.

@ WouterH -

thank you very much!!!

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