Question about music box design

I plane to build a music box with the gadgeteer building blocks and i am trying to figure what is the proper hardware for that:
the system main requirmets:

  1. play local mp3 files with basic player control.
  2. communicate with a server application through the internet to: get player status, initiate downloads of new MP3 files, set up play lists.
  3. downloads MP3 files through an FTP client - this nedds to be done in the background to the music playing, the downloads can reach 1 GB.
  4. localy control the music player with an IR controller.
  5. basic display (characters).

the questions

  1. Is an FTP client can be accomplished with the micro framework ?
  2. What is the minimum (cost-performance) Gadgeteer board i need ? Do i need 2 separate (communicated) boards for that ?
  3. Do I need 2 seperate mass storages so the music player and download process will be done in parallel ?

Thank you.

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  1. It is possible. See this thread:

  2. FEZ Cerberus + Ethernet ENC28 Module (cheapest). Unless you want wireless communication then you will need WiFi module. You don’t need two main boards.

some other modules that might help with your project

FEZ Cerberus Mainboard - $29.95

Ethernet ENC28 Module-$19.95

CharDisplay Module - $14.95
Oled - $29

Music Module - $34.95

MicroSD Card Module - $6.95
SD Card Module - $6.95

  1. I would try with one and will add another one later if needed.

If you’re using the Cerberus mainboard you’ll need a ‘red’ power module too. (DP or SP or the battery one at the bottom of the list)

$10 USB or $20 USB+5 DC 2.1x5mm barrel adaptor

@ Dr9 - Good catch! :slight_smile: