Quadcopter Poll

So @ Cuno’s post of Beat’s cool copter has increased the motivation to finalize a design and get it done…

So a few questions for you lot are:

[ul]Size: teeny weeny like Beat’s / Crazyflie or big and bold?
Radio or Bluetooth?
Quad, Hex or Octo?[/ul]

Any other ideas…


Glad to hear that! My vote would be for something a bit bigger that can take some gadgets on board. It would be nice to get the basic flying frame as a kit, but still leave some room for tinkering and adding personal touches. It would also allow the wider community to make valuable contributions.

Now its time to go an write my Christmas wish list for Santa…


Radio I think is better Bluetooth is short range.

Barometer for height. Lots of sensors is cool.

Quad. keep is simple and then you can up the size of the rotors :slight_smile:

One remark regarding size: half as large apparently means half as stable during flight. Thus a larger copter is more forgiving.

Quad (Cheaper and smaller battery)

It’s probably a bit ambitious but what I want to do is make it fly programmatically. I.e. It passes info to my PC and the PC tells it what to do. No hand held remote control involved at all.

Because the cost & danger is directly (if not exponentially) proportional to the size, I would keep it a small quadcopter and focus on the electronics. The same electronics will control any size. Barometer would be nice but could be added as a module. A modular system for radio vs. BT, maybe? BT for the small indoor flyer to get started with and a way to upgrade to radio if it’s upgraded to a bigger frame.

Hurry up! :smiley:

Size: Big, with enough lift for a GoPro (or similar) plus a few sensors ( and LED strips :slight_smile: )
Radio or Bluetooth? Definitely radio
Barometer? yep, a nice accurate one. maybe designed as an add-on
Quad, Hex or Octo? Quad to start. Maybe design board to handle an upgrade to hex/octo?

How about designing to use some of the existing frame kits (arducopter et al)?

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A little inspiration:


Although I like the crazyfly a bigger Quad is better to fly and to handle, can carry more weight (gopro-3). For comms radio is much more suitable than bluetooth. A quad is fine in either config X or +.

Big and bad assed and a shark mouth painted on it somewhere, camera or lots of sensors capability, radio (as much as I love Bluetooth, I’d like some range here), capable of carrying 1 AGM-114 (normally I’d ask for 2 but given its a home built certain concessions have to be made) as I’ve got some squirrels I need to deal with, or perhaps a Chinese PL-10 (the pocket version which should get the dark suits following this thread) to make those drone vs drone flying competitions even more fun.

Number of motors or shape, I don’t really care, just as long as it has funky blinkies on it and will wake up the neighbors, as I’m going to call mine ‘Orson’.

Righto - you lot have spoken…

Inventor and Eagle are getting a workout…

waits impatiently :wink:

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