Quad SPI Flash availability

On my board I spec’d and have used Winbond W25Q128JVSIQ TR 128Mbit/16MB 8-SOIC (0.209", 5.30mm Width) which I believe is what GHI uses.

Apparently, that is a popular one and everyone is out of stock. Does anyone know of a cross to different manufacture? Looking for about 50pcs. Digi-Key has various other manufactures that look like they would work but I really would rather not guess.

Is re spinning the board an option as plenty of wson in stock.

You can get them at lcsc.com price has tripled in the last few months :roll_eyes:

These prices are getting ridiculous! I recently wanted to order some STM32F103C8T6 and they now cost 15$ each if I buy 10! :open_mouth:

@Justin Thanks for pointing me to lcsc.com. I ordered some, who knows what the tariffs will be once they make it to the USA.

I still might have to re-spin the board since my power supply from TI isn’t available. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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Yes prices have gone thru the roof due to short supply :frowning:


In the same boat here with a few designs that use the new whizzy TPS6390 from TI - there were ~8k pieces available 10 days ago - now not stock until Feb 2022 :sob:

I spent yesterday trolling thru all of TI’s buck/boost offerings and went with TPS63000IDRCRQ1 and TI have ~400k in stock (5k have gone in the last day)

Crazy times indeed.

Yea similar for the TPSM53603RDAR that I spec’d. So far it’s the only part holding me up.

Hah, i was looking at those a few days ago until i saw stock levels - there a very few TI LDO’s etc in stock at the moment. :frowning:

but - if you do not own a large quantiites
“for small quotes you can find and buy it on Ebay/Amazon” with very good prices.

since those prices are not changed yet .

That maybe so but i would be nervous ordering parts like this from ebay etc.

From a quick search on ebay - which one would you buy?


i ordered w5q32… (for my needs)

I was just meaning that there are alot of random Chinese sellers on ebay with questionable parts so lucky dip :slight_smile:

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@Gus_Issa, has GHI done any testing with different brands of flash memory?

We today only support the one listed on docs. But that doesn’t mean we can’t expand the list when necessary.

I received my Flash chips from lcsc.com. No extra tariffs that I saw, just freight. They arrived Sunday, so about 4 days from Shenzhen, China to Rockford, IL, not too bad I don’t think. They actually arrived sooner than my DigiKey order that was placed the same day. DigiKey has their standard “COVID delay” excuse for why they can’t seem to ship parts with 24hrs like they used to pre-covid.

<rant> this "Covid" reseason for delays is really getting old and turning into an excuse. They have had more than a year to figure it out. </rant>

I order 95% of my components from lcsc and this is their standard delivery frame. Your components are usually ready for shipment within 12 hours.

After that, it’s dhl express for me which usually takes 3-4 days to the Netherlands.

My last order from Mouser took 5 days to process with all parts in stock - i guess the UV tunnels have low wattage bulbs compared to Digi :yum:

Saw that a new times with recent orders to Mouser. At least 3-5 days processing before it ships. Normally I order and the next day I get the shipping notification.

I will look back fondly on those days when you could get an order in before noon and it would ship the same day. Covid has taken so much from us. :cry:


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