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Quad Copter,very high precision


My desire to build one of these is growing. Today i came across this quad copter that just blew me away at its ability.


This video came up before. Yes this is amazing.


Sorry about that. I gotta start building one, that’s all i know :wink:


Wow have you guys read the paper to go along with this vid? Math was never my strong suit ;D but it’s a great paper which nicely explains how they put this demo together. Looks like a mix of high level controller and a low level controller to controll the rlp style flight handling with off board coordinate processing and motion capture to track the copter! Awesome stuff.


I would like to see those maneuvers outside in an uncontrolled environment.


How many copters must they have crashed into small pieces before coming to this result ? :smiley:


Ya, thats probably where the cage net they are in came into play


if you like copters, you should have seen this one :slight_smile:


I like watching parkour stunts. That copter is great to film parkour. Thank you!


Here’s a nice quad copter video:


No copter but also another nice flying toy @


Which FEZ product is inside? :slight_smile:


holly crap!


Scares me !


I am saying its fake.

If you look at time index 2:14 you see it tilted on such an angle yet the rotors dont match the horizontal angle to keep it like that. One may say, well its the kickback from the gun. ok, fair enough. if that is true then lets jump to time index 3:23. here it is shooting again and the rotors are horizontal not tilted forward as in the first shoot.


Russian accent sounds fake to me too. :wink:


Sounds cute though :wall:


fake, but decent CGI… a nice video game promotion. Complete some obscure mission on COD, spend 960 Xbox points, and get the virtual version of this with unlimited ammo to annihilate your enemies.


@ gus

You scare me! ;D


I just hope it is fake!

And no, this is not cute, Gus :wink: