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QRCode encoding on Fez Spider performance



Im a generating a 25x25 QRCode using ZXINGNET class library. On my Fez Spider + T35 setup it takes about 12 seconds to generate the QR, converting it to a bitmap and finally see it on the T35.

Im sure there are ways to speed things up a bit? Generating one in a backend service might be a solution if nothing else is available but would like to see if i can do it more efficiently locally first.

Any ideas are welcome :slight_smile:

Best regards,
Magnus, Sweden


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I suggest to consider implementing it in RLP.


Thanks for your replies, sounds like RLP is the way to go!

I will start doing some searching on the topic but if anyone has a good place to start it will be highly appreciated.


just in case someone does a search for QRCode and lands here> below is the library he is using:

btw here are some hints about performance… maybe you can try those:



We had someone generate codes before and it wasn’t slow. There is no need for RLP. This was on our wiki very long time who. Not sure if we have it now on codeshare or wiki.


Here or is


as soon you mentioned I remembered seen it and I found it on my system but didn’t find any notes in the source code of the author :frowning: here is the original page:

Bing is Awesome especially on how it cashed the whole page including the zip files, css and all …

And it’s a good thing you found on the codeshare… btw here is a NETMF Demo using the zxingnet library;


I will try the project you are linking to Gus. Thanks! :slight_smile:


Tried the code Gus linked to.

Using it i got an QRCode generated and onto the T35 display in 3 seconds :slight_smile:

Thanks alot for your help!


I know that the thread is marked as solved. But I want to tell you why ZXing.Net for the micro framework is so much slower and how I made it a little bit faster.
I’m the guy behind ZXing.Net btw. So it was very important for me to know why there is such a big difference.

Gus solution has one important line:
Encoder.QREnableSelectMask = false;
With that set to false the mask selection is disable. Mask selection is a very expensive operation. If you set it to true it slows down the solution significantly.

On the other hand I made mask selection within ZXing.Net optional. It works much faster now but is slower by factor 1.5 than Gus solution. It was a factor of 4 to 6 before.

I committed the changes to the official ZXing.Net repository if someone is interested.


@ micjahn - Thank you for the update and the nice work.

Welcome to the community.


@ micjahn - cool!

I will give it a try the new version with the mask selection turned off. Nice to be able to use similar programming as on .NET 4.5 with


Nice, you use ZXing.Net with .Net 4.5 and Micro Framework. That was one of the goals when I started the project, same approach for every .net platform.
But it is very hard to maintain the MF version because of the restrictions of the framework.
So the MF version isn’t up-to-date at the moment.


Thanks for your sharing.It is appreciated very much. And I wonder whether there are some differences between the .net qr code barcode generation add-in I am testing these days and the one you mentioned above? Do you have any ideas about barcode generation? Or any good suggestion? Thanks in advance.