Pyxis2 OE question / issue

I am trying the Pyxis2 OE out on my FEZ Cobra. I cannot get the project to deploy correctly to the device. Obviously I am missing something, I just dont know what is it.

I am following the steps in the Pyxis2UserGuide.pdf. On the FEZ Cobra I have the follow versions:

  • TinyBooter Version:
  • Firmware Version:
  1. Startup project needs to be Pyxis2 not Kernel
  2. You need to delete and replace all the GHI references (this will bring them up to date)
  3. The replacement for Pyxis 2 (Gadgetos) is coming out soon. :smiley:

Edit: Alternatively you should be able to delete all the bin/obj directories (with the project closed) and have them automatically update when you reopen the solution.

Thanks, that did the trick deleting the references.