Python "ModuleNotFoundError"

I was running through the Endpoint Python examples and receive an error on execution whenever a GHIElectronics library was required. Have I missed a step? Tried the GPIO from the main “Beyond .NET” area as well as the linked repo. Issue is with both v0.1.4.0 (Beta) and v0.1.6.0 (Beta) firmware.

The error below references the path on the local PC where the file is saved, and the terminal is showing information that suggests it is running on the Endpoint hardware.



Please use Downloads (
and let us know any other issue then

Thank you @Dat_Tran. I have downloaded v0.1.6.1 and all working as expected.

Note. In the Buzzer (Python PWM) example code in “Beyond .NET” the line of code

import GHIElectronics.Endpoint.Core.EPM815.G as Pwm

should be

import GHIElectronics.Endpoint.Core.EPM815.Pwm as Pwm

Again, thanks.


What do you think something else we should add to python lib, beside basic peripherals?

@Dat_Tran, my apologies for the delayed reply. I am not a big Python user, mainly C# and F# with .NET. What might be useful is the ability to “talk” to OpenMV ( modules. OpenMV uses the RPC library. It would be useful if there were a compatible .NET RPC to the Python version, but this needs further investigation. Thanks.

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Could you add this into our github so we don’t miss your suggestion?