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PWMInput in TinyCLR



is there a way in TinyCLR to read a PWM input like eg. in Arduino?
I have seen there is a PMW-Out, but what to do if you have to read PWM?



Counting pulses or checking with of pulses? What exactly are you trying to do?


Anybody else read this in bender’s voice :frowning:

There is not PWM in. There is only the pulse counter, or if you’re adventurous you can modify the TinyCLR with a method to do just that. Or you can smooth the PWM signal with resistor and capacitor then read the analogue value with one of the analogue inputs.


Sorry for the late reply, had to wait out the newbee antispam period :slight_smile:

I want to read the PWM Input from an RC Receiver. I intend to use it as a controller for a robot based on a Cerb40.



Hi Gus,

I need to read three PWM inputs (static pressure, differential pressure & sensor body temperature) and calculate zero to full scale values (based on duty cycle) using a polynomial calibration.

Can I do this with a G80/FP3?



Yes we have a feature to read signals. We should have it documented in the next few days.


Sounds great.

This is the sensor I am interfacing the FEZ Panda III. The FP3 will log the sensor data to a SD card, the FP3 will also act as a MODBUS RTU slave. The archived data will be available using Enron MODBUS.