PWM speaker

I got this little 2w speaker Pololu - 18mm Speaker: 4 Ohm, 2.0 W

Using the Tone Buzzer fezzer code here

When just connecting speaker to Di5 and gnd, works fine. Just can’t hear it because of low power.

So I tried to connect to straight 3.3v line via Mosfet breakout like below.

However it only clicks a few times and domino reboots in a loop. What am I connecting wrong here? tia

Can you try using an external power supply for the MosFet ?
Or adding a big capacitor (220uF ?) between GND and +3V3 ?

Forgot my Maf. Added a 6ohm resistor to limit watts <2W and 550mA max draw. Works good.
Writeup here [url][/url]