PWM output on G80 CPU

I’m trining to use PWM output on G(0 CPU, I have some problem, following

First of all I cannot find correct reference (my firmware is 4.3)!!



that is the TinyCLR OS reference, not Netmf 4.3. is the reference you want

OK checked, just a question, I’m using PC6 (pin 63) exit and it’s named PWM16 on board.
That’s not recognized by software it propose number from 0 to 7.
How can I use PWM16 output??


The NETMF PWM definitions only include the first few pins. You’ll want to use the GHI.Pins assembly, it has definitions for each of our products. GHI.Pins.G80.PwmOutput.PC6 is the one you’ll want.

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Hi Matteo,
I am not in 100% sure but from what I remember PWM did not work especially correctly on Netmf 4.3 This bug has been fixed in version 4.4.