PWM Open Drain output configuration?

From what Ive observed it seems PWM are actively driven outputs.

A little birdy told me a PWM on the ARM Cortex M7 can be configured as an Open Drain output.
And by little birdy I mean rando on internet… so im not actually sure that is fact,
(I can never seem to find any info in ARM’s rather complex documentation)

Question is would this be possible with SITCore?
Again the rational being Open Drains can allow simplified output periphery depending on your application.

This is not a software option but you can easily add a transistor to get the open drain you need.

I seem to recall this same response regarding Open Drain Gpio outputs, and I recall my response being one can certainly add hardware to achieve nearly any outcome, but why if it isnt actually necessary.

My question might be amended to ask if not now might it be considerable to add with SITCore/TinyCLR?

Boards had been spun and design choices been made, and yet Open Drain outputs remain the best design choice vs adding extra hardware when possible.

Open drain is only possible with gpio, not pwm. Usually pwm is used to drive other circuit anyway and that circuit does whatever is necessary. I personally have never seen pwm with open drain output and never needed it.

Thanks for confirming the impossibility.

But i will say there was… at least one with this configuration. When i was much younger working in the Micro Controller division for Sanyo Electric (bought by Panasonic, now ON) had this configuration on certain devices. They tended to adopt specific customer requested features and run with them in future products. I agree it might be quite rare but since it was my first heavy exposure to MCUs i tend to feel like it was a baseline.

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