PWM on Cerb40

Hi, I have a Cerb40 device and looking in the 4.2 framework the PWM class seems to be missing,.

Has anyone used the Cerb40 with PWM? Can you give me a clue?

Poo… Sorry. Stupid me… Found the DLL.

PWM is built in on NETMF 4.2. So is OneWire.

I have what is apparently NetMF 4.2 installed on the machine but when I try to deploy something with PWM in I get an error saying that the version is wrong.

I’m currently working on updating the Cerb40 firmware.

Would I be right in thinking that I drive the LODR pin (4) high at boot?


Are you building against 4.2? (check project properties -> target)

Are you using the GHI PWM library? (for Cerberus/Cerb40 there should be no GHI.* libraries)

I am building against 4.2 (double checked that)
I am using Microsoft.SPOT.Hardware.PWM
I get a linker error saying that the project requires PWM.dll version but that is apparently the dll selected in the references.
I’m thinking firmware mismatch, maybe the Cerb40 has a previous beta build and has a problem with that dll?
I’m going to try a firmware upgrade.

If you’re using the QFE1 SDK on your machine but the RTM on the Cerb40, then that would make sense, as the PWM .dll did indeed change in QFE1.


short list of what we have tested and proved working (we use own compiled firmware)

Visual Basic applications OK
UART I am guessing is also working, not tested above that sending something to port made usbuart activity led blinking

LODR pin? It is currently not used in the firmware ASFAIK (not in the published code)


You have to manually add this reference by browse to Microsoft.SPOT.Hardware.PWM and add this to the references in the project solution explorer.

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