Pushing the envelope

I want more memory, I want it now, so there could be tears before bedtime!
There, tantrum over! I have increased the RLP size to 12k on my Panda II (I think) my program is still working. What I dont know is,

  1. Will the USBizi firmware want to over write my program.

  2. Where can I find a memory map which cleary shows what area and size of ram the USBizi firmware etc will claim for its own use.

I dont need a link for the LPC 2387 user manual showing its memory map.

Off topic and totally irrelevent, I want to “swap bits” with my Hydra but have been waiting for over 5 weeks for a power source ordered in the UK :’( There I said there could be tears!

You’re waiting on a power source or a power module? It looks like GHI has the SP modules in stock. It might be faster to have them ship you one (never hurts to have an extra :wink: )

It’s just slightly annoying at the moment, if it was urgent, I would just bread board something. Yeh its always useful to have more than one, of eveything ;D For power source read DP module.

Get an EMX based board and you will have unlimited memory :slight_smile:

Disclaimer: +10MB = unlimited for embedded systems :o

Thanks Gus,

I just found the answer. mscorelib pulls the plug when you actually try and run a prog greater than 10k even if RLP memory size is set higher.