Is it better to purchase these products directly from GHI?
I live in Canada and Im not familiar with shipping(never bought online once) but my friend showed me a site where they have the GHI stuff in Canada with Canadian prices(they aren’t shady prices, they check out) Does buying it from the place in Canada help GHI still? What do you suggest?

Whatever makes more sense for you. Canadian distributer most likely got it from GHI. It will be probably cheaper shipping cost from Canada.

I’m in Calgary and have ordered a bunch of stuff from GHI and shipping etc has never been a problem. That said there are distributors of GHI stuff here in Canada, for example RobotShop.ca whom I’ve order non Gadgeteer stuff from, but I tend to stick with GHI for my Gadgeteer orders.

can you pay GHI in Canadian money, or do they require American? Also, are there border costs and stuff, or are the costs of shipping the only costs(and the costs of the stuff you buy)

US dollars. You credit card company should be able to handle that.

@ MRTFEREN - I use a credit card and yes it does cost a bit to get it over the border, but its like ordering anything else from the US. What city are you in?

Hamilton approx. No credit either(too young) And ive never bought anything over the border yet. Im probably going to get my friend to purchase this, as he makes a lot of online purchases and can probably buy this

If I lived in canada, Robotshop.ca would probably be my default option, for the particular stock of GHI stuff they carry, and GHI directly for the other stuff.

@ MRTFEREN - RobotShop is a great distributor, if there is anything you want that they are missing, let us know.