Purchasing GHI Socket

Hello all,

I was trying to find the page to purchase the GHI sockets and found links to http://www.ghielectronics.com/catalog/product/288. But the page shows that the product is unavailable.

Any chance I’m looking in the wrong spot?

Thanks for the help,

We only sell these in volumes now, 100 or more. Please contact us directly to place an order.

And what’s the price for 100 units?

Not to take away from GHI’s sales but if anyone is looking for much smaller quantities, have a look on the DFRobot website. They do them in packs of 10 with min order of 2 packs.

Sorry Gus but I thought this might be handy for some like myself who only need a few at a time.

Dave, do you have the DFRobot link for them please?

Actually that is a good idea, thanks for sharing.

A bit late, but I believe he is talking about this page, as it matches his description.

DFRobot page


Seems like a pretty good price, although these particular sockets are a little harder to solder due to the shroud reaching all the way down to the pins.