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PulsInOut Module to Netduino


Hi There.
I have an netudino board and want to connect your gadgeteer pulsInOut module to it.
Is this possible ?
If i look at the schema 3 V , 5 V , sda, scl is easy to coneect ( Pin 1, 2, 4, 5 ,10) but what is upstream ( Pin 3 )

Please help


Hello, it is possible as Netduino is NETMF as well. However, you will need to make the required changes to the available source code, which will, as well, explain the purpose to the upstream pin. Please remember, however, that this is considered an “unsupported” pairing, and any issues you have will have to be supported by the individuals in the community who choose to help.


Where can i find the source code ?


@ gregor - The PulseInOut is a daisy link module. Daisy link is based on i2C but it has more to it, which means you will need to implement the client side of the daisy li k protocol on the Netduino. The upstream pin plays a significant role in the protocol. You can use any pin for the upstream, but you need to implement the pin state correctly to initialse the module etc.

Best source of info is to read the module builder guide and the source code in the gadgeteer library which you can get from


@ taylorzaKing Thanks a lot.

I will try


@ gregor - It is a pleasure.


He there i´ve got it to work. Thats the good thing.
I´ve now debuged the values i read with the in port from my radio control.
If i just do nothing, only reading the the values from channel 1, the values are sometimes jumping about 20% that really mutch !

Any ideas ?




@ gregor - What value is that which you are reading? Is this a value read from one of the inputs on the PulseIO module?

PulseIO are digital inputs/outputs as far as I know (I do not actually have a PulseIO) so I guess these are not the readings you are referring to, or have I misunderstood you entirely?


I´m reading the high values with I2C.
I don´t move the stick of my radio control but the values are chaning a lot.

The error are in this sample the 1360 values.