PulseInOut - Where is the Library?


just try to find the library for the Pulse InOut module ( https://www.ghielectronics.com/catalog/product/392 )

I found the sourcecode for it ( http://gadgeteer.codeplex.com/SourceControl/latest#Main/Modules/GHIElectronics/PulseInOut/Software/PulseInOut/PulseInOut_43/PulseInOut_43.cs ), but cannot find it in the library.

Do i have to install anything extra?
Wold like to use it normally with the designer.

I managed to download the source from the denoted link. Inside was a project for the InOut Module.

I had to install the WiX framework to load the whole project. Then i just had to replace one reference in the projects to another file location, to build it properly (build the whole set in release configuration).

Then in the PulseInOut folder there was a msi to install the package into your visual studio.

Still dont understand why its not available from scratch…

Why is it a legacy module when there is no alternative?
Its a great board and exactly what i need.
I dont see any other product that could do exactly that work for me. :-/

“legacy” means not worth keeping in stock for such a small demand and GHI have decided no longer to offer it.

just further to my post - there’s lots of resources out there for you to make your own variant of this, potentially cheaply, if you need one. It is based on the DaisyLink module concept so you can take the open sources for the module and improve on it as well. The processor on these devices is relatively cheap as well…

The schematic is open source, so it would be easy enough to reproduce from a different manufacturer.

Only thing is, apart from a little soldering, im not a hardware guy. Software is what i can do best.
Its like LEGO Technics on an advanced level.

Gadgeteer is a great tool because i can build my own integrated circuits by just plugging things together and write the code for it. I acutally use these plgged devices as they are, without designing a new circut and let someone build it.
This is much more expensive when you just ned one or two of them.

So im sad, that GHI just cancels some devices without a true, ready for use, alternative.
But i guess, there is nothing more i can do about this.