PulseInOut/PWM problem

Hi All,

I’m experiencing some trouble with the PulseInOut module.
I need to control servos (which are actually working with extenders).

I tried with a Raptor motherboard and with a Spider.

My servos are powered externally through 4.8V, so I just want to replace the signal generated by the Extenders with the PulseInOut.

I just code the output like that :

_pulseinout.SetPulse(1,20000,1500 );

And I wired the servo as shown in the picture.

What do I miss ? I don’t get any result on the servo…

I see one wire. where is the ground? :dance:

Where am I supposed to connect the ground ? :smiley:

I was thinking I just needed to connect one wire on the module, and the other ones to the power

Ok, found, sorry for that stupid question !