PulseInOut 1.1 - LPC1113F - head me in the right direction for PWM?

First time playing with .net MF, and I picked up a FEZ Cerberus to start my adventures.

I have a chasis built for a simple 2 legged walking robot using 8 servos, and wanted to start out playing with it.

Because the FEZ couldn’t control all 8 servos at once, I decided to pick up the PulseInOut module from GHI, because it said it was possible to control up to 8 servos :slight_smile:

I’ve gathered that I need to write to the registers on the device via I2C to tell it’s onboard 50mhz processor what to do, but I’m struggling to figure out which registers to poke at.

I’ve downloaded the info sheet from NXP, the maker of the chip, but am really not entirely sure what to look for… am I going too deep? is there something I’m missing that makes it easier? I couldn’t figure out howto use declare a PWM object, because it’s through the other board - so I’m pretty sure I have to use I2C to communicate with it…

The chip:

The device:

Can someone point me in the right direction, or if (it’s my lucky day) and there’s a code sample on codeshare ? (I looked at alot of them, but most of them seem to be using the extender module or direct PWM on the board - but I need 8 servos heh :slight_smile:

Thank you kindly!

When you use gadgeteer, you do not need to open any datasheets. Each module come with drives, just use them. I think the driver for this particular module has not made it to the SDK so you do not have it. The good news is that the new SDK is expected to be up early next week. It maybe on codeplex but if this is your first project I suggest you wait for the next SDK.

Welcome to the community.

thank you Gus!
was hoping I was going too deep!