Pulse oximeter

How do we make a pulse oximeter with gadgeteer.
I am at nasales@ nasiff.com

Good luck!

??? :think:


Obvious blatant spam. They specialize in Cardiac related devices.

I am Devin, Andre!

Don’t insult me Andre 8)

He wishes he were that lucky


We got a tax break for hiring Devin.


I’ve been here at GHI longer than anyone besides our Web Developer Josh, and Gus of course. I’m not a frequent poster is all.


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OK so someone is going to come into this thread looking for something about the Pulse Oximeter so


And you still work in the mail room…hahahahaha

And he does a great job, too.

@ suitable1 - I guess someone here wants to be one a new list.

But, if anyone is interested in thepulse oximeter, a sample project is here:

@ Gary - Devin has a list?

Blue Hair Bob. Could you call me about the SpO2 project. I’d like to get it built. I’ll need help. 315-676-2346. nasales@ nasiff.com. Thank you. Rog

@ Duke Nukem - How timely! I am starting a new Gadgeteer module that has an SpO2 sensor similar in size to what is used in all the wearables (e.g. watches).

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Roger, thank you for your offer to let me help, but I am no longer interested in doing anything with commercial medical products. What I did was for my own use only and I would not be available for any help getting a medical product to market for many reasons. I wish you the best of luck. I am sure you will find many developers here to assist you in many ways.

However, I don’t think GHI sells the Pulse Oximeter module anymore.

Hi this is santu steyn and i am using Sm110 Finger Pulse Oximeter