Pulse Oximeter with Non-Gadgeteer modules

I have a Pulse Oximeter that I tested on a Fez Hydra and now I am trying to get it working on a ChipworkX dev board.

I have it sort of working by porting the code from Seed Studio but it is just not stable and I don’t get the same clean readings as on the Hydra. In fact, it never shows detatched at all.

I have added code to extract the PulseWave readings and display these on the LCD. It is all over the place when running without a finger in the sensor.

I see from the manual on the device there are some settings and I have tried various gain settings etc but nothing gives me the same clean reading as on the Hydra and Gadgeteer.

Does the Gadgeteer driver do anything in regards to settings? I don’t see any on the Seeed code I downloaded today.

Anyone else got this to work in this manner?

OK. I got this working.

It is basically that the unit takes a little while to stabilise and auto adjust the sensor settings etc.

By the way, although use shows with a finger, I have found a much stronger reading is obtained from your thumb. :slight_smile:

I have it working on a ChipworkX board and once I return home from vacation, I will test with a Hydra and once I have it working, I’ll post the code for others to have a play with.

The interesting part is the inclusion of he PulseWave readings and display of this on a bitmap image, you can see nicely the auto gain working and a steady stream of pulses gives you a good indication that the readings are now stable enough to be valid.

Glad you got it going.

@ GHI - I was just looking over the product description of this module. I think you have some typos…

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think “heat” is supposed to be “heart”. Pretty big difference :wink:

@ ianlee74 - fixed, thanks!