Pulse inout module Noob Help!


Im a noob when it comes to electronics, but im a software dev so i know my way around c#.

but i cant get the pulse inout module to do anything with a servo.
can someone show me how it should be wired up?

i have managed to get gyro/accel/t35 to work, but the pulse inout doesnt seem to want to do anything.

im simply using the setpulse method that i have seen others (successfully) use.
i think it must be how i have wired it up? i used to have this servo working on a fez panda (1).
it has a brown, a yellow and a red wire.


@ Virus - yellow is signal, red +5v, brown is gnd.
Hook up 5v to the top right pins and away you go.

the pulse In out has three pin/holes.
which one does the signal go into?

wait, i need to give the board 5v? did not realise that - suppose that makes sense.

Right hand side output

Left signal centre juice right gnd

O forgot to say, Kai Ora

that makes sense, ill try this when i get home.

havent played with the spider since i got it (pre ordered).
it wasnt really useable as the usb DP was faulty and could only be powered by USB or External (not both) so it kind of limited what i could do with it - being as electrically challenged as i am i really need the ability to debug/step through code. (and shipping cost more than the usb/dp did, so i had been putting it off)

however i recently spent a buttload on a few modules (Dp, gyro, accelermeter, pulse IO - you know, fun stuff) and im loving it!

and yes, i did notice your avatar and wondered.
Chur bro.

seriously, thanks for your (speedy!) help.

Your welcome fella, send over some Speights and we’ll call it even :smiley:


so i have got it to do stuff.

what numbers should i be using for the setpulse method?
should i be using the one with two params or three?

the servo just goes as far to the side as possible, and keeps trying to go further.
i have no idea what sort of numbers i need for the pwm :S

i have a Microsoft CRM exam tomorrow, so i figured since i have tomorrow off work its a good time to get some .net mf stuff done before the exam.

Thanks, sorry im so electronically challenged.

@ Virus - Getting stuff done before the exam - quality :smiley:

I would start with 1500 as a centre point, 1000 for left and 2000 for right and adjust for the actual servo’s you have.

Not sure on the setpulse method as i don’t actually have one…

Good luck with the exam - and you’ll be an electronic’s whizz before you know it.