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Pulse generation


How do i generate a 10 micro second, and it needs to be a one shot pulse, with precise timing.


You can also use register access to control the internal processor but I do not recommend you do that if output compare does the job for you.


Thanks Gus that helps. Is it safe to assume that the pulse generated will be exactly 10 micros sec or is there a margin that i should look out for?


10usec should somewhat okay but not to worry, GHI is adding a little lovely feature to output compare on this coming release to make it very accurate… details come in couple weeks


So ETA on the new release is 2 weeks?


Whoooo Architect… you homed in on that remark very quickly…

I guess you’re waiting for this aswell…

Pulse counting and pulse width determination is required here in north England, I have several projects in the wings…

Cheers Ian


No promises are made but we are trying our best.


There are very good changes/features that were discussed since last release. I am excited to see which ones are going to make it to the release. ;D


We know you are Gus… I was looking earlier at the list of users on the forum now… You’ll all have your work cut out for you… “Loads of requests coming”. For the moment I’ll still use a pic to do the counting…

Keep up the good work…

Cheers Ian