Pulse Count Module

Can the, Pulse Count Module, https://www.ghielectronics.com/catalog/product/465, deal with 5 volt pulses?

I need to use with an encoder that is 5 volts only… Should I plan to use level shifter on input to shift from 5 volt to 3.3 volt logic?

Thank you

If you mean this board? (your link does not exist)


Then this has a Cortex M0 processor and all the GPIO pins are 5V tolerant. ADC pins are not when configured as ADC, which in this case, is unlikely.

The poorly handled punctuation at the end of the URL got in the way here…


To fully know, as Dave says, you need to look at the processor that is managing the pulse counting. In this case, from the schematics, it’s an LSI chip, LFLS7366R.

@ lectruck - 5v is fine, you don’t need a level shifter.