Pulleys & Belts

I’m looking for a good source for small pulleys & belts to connect to a NEMA 17 stepper. Any suggestions?

Also, if you have experience with any software to generate the designs to laser cut sprockets that will work with the belt from plexiglass. Links & experiences appreciated.

Here are a couple of good places for small pulleys/belts:


Those two places, although they have a good selection, are extremely expensive. Try Polybelt (www.polybelt.com), they are much more reasonably priced.

Thanks guys. I ended up ordering from sdp-si.com. The prices didn’t seem to be that unreasonable for a small quantity order and they were the only site that had enough selection that I could get the sizes I needed. I just took a look at polybelt.com to try and compare prices but they don’t seem to carry the sizes I need either.

I got the belt and some pulleys. They are nice quality.

The next thing I need to do is to create a timing belt pulley design that can be laser cut from acrylic that will match the 2mm pitch belt I bought. Does anyone know of software I can give the pitch and diameter to and have it create the pulley design? Is 2mm pitch too fine for laser cut acrylic?

The only product I know of that does what you want is called Geartrax. A friend of mine’s machine shop uses it in conjunction with Solidworks.

Neither of those products have a very hobbyist friendly price tag :frowning: I guess I’ll be drawing it by hand in Sketchup.

I just found this Sketchup Plugin that might do the job. It doesn’t quite give me the kind of control I want. It appears to be made more for gears than timing belt pulleys but it might work.

Take a look at: http://www.gearotic.com/ . I don’t remember if it has timing pulleys built in or not. I have used it to produce some wild elliptical gears though.