Publish modified GHI source code

For my internet radio streaming project I had to modify the music module source code (added an option to play from streams). When I’m ready to share my code, what should I do with the music module source code?

At this point I didn’t change the namespace and class name. I just add the file to my project and remove the default reference to the music module.

Or should I put the music module source code under my own namespace and write some code to detect the music module. Then users will not be able to use the designer to attach the music module to the mainboard.

I see 2 options.

  1. Submit you changes to GHI and if everything is good they might include it into the main source code branch on codeplex.

  2. Create you own version of the driver. (See module’s builder guide on codeplex)

If course you have to follow the license terms that comes with the original source code.

If I go for option 1 and want to submit my changes to GHI, should I use the “Issue Tracker” on Codeplex, create a new thread on this forum, or a separate entry on

I would use this forum or e-mail GHI directly.

We work close with everyone so any route you select will be fine.