?PTH Gadgeteer Socket?

Does anyone know if a PTH version of the Gadgeteer socket is available? It’s not a dire situation, I just have a design that is all through hole and wanted to keep it that way. OCD I suppose.

Samtec makes one. Small holes, though.

They’ll send you samples too…

Here’s the previous thread:

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Thanks! Perhaps I should set up a home wave soldering rig 8)

Lol! I like the idea.

On the other hand, once you’ve soldered SMT, you’ll probably realize that it’s easier and faster than PTH, generally. No flipping the board over, taping components down, or clipping leads.

I’ve done a fair bit of SMT, but I have all these PTH components laying around… :slight_smile: SMT definitely is faster on the larger components, but anything below 0805, I give up; my hands aren’t that steady and my eyes aren’t that good. I’m not sure I’ll ever get the hang of hand soldering these STM32F4’s, so I’m looking into…:


Can not think of a better use of my old Panda II.

Try using hot air. I find it much easier to solder the small SMT components with than an iron.

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Hot air is by far the easiest :slight_smile:

Just got in my Samtec samples! Boy, those pins are close together! Thanks for the tip!