PSoC 5 based Gadgeteer

I think this would be an interesting SoC to use to build a Gadgeteer mainboard.

EDIT: Needs bigger flash.

Those PSoC chips look very impressive. I was not aware those existed.

Thanks Architect!

They could work very well as a module, specially for netduinogo.

edit: It is an expensive chip and the circuitry it needs for reprogramming doesn’t help at all at the price point of such module. However I can see it being useful for products that need different “plugins”

Yeah, I have had a Cypress dev kit for the PSoC5 on my desk for almost a year now. Only played with the ADC module a bit, but it was fun to play with a 20 bit ADC… :slight_smile:

Too little ram and too little flash for NETMF tough.

On top of that, NETMF can’t really use something as flexable as that chip. You will have to do a new port every time you change the CPLD layers…