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PS3 move controller


I am curious of how much functionality would we get if we connect PS3 move controller to FEZ

It has ARM processor on it so it is possible to reprogram it to whatever we like :slight_smile:

I am sure these will be extremely cheap in near future.


what would you use it for? Probably as a joystick or switch or a combi…I do not get what you are asking…? :-[


This controller has much to offer so I am curious to what ideas developers may come up with to use this controller.


Well, with the 3d option I would come up with the quadrocopter idea you posted before in some thread.

I would use it do determine the quadrocopter’s position in air.

Another idea would be some sort of “mapping” of robots in a “play area” or something like that.

Some sort of AI sumo game?