Prototyping board with Servo 3-pin connectors for FEZ Mini

Hello! FEZ Mini.

  1. I’m looking for board with several 3-pin servo connectors.
    Each signal must be connected to Mini Di0-Di10, A0-A7 pins. Power to +5V, GRD to GRD.

  2. Is there version of Mini without pin headers soldered?
    Can I unsolder pins from std version?

Thank u.

Why not plug it in a bread board and wire the servos any way you like?

Thank u for quick response!

I would like to install FEZ mini+sensors to RC car. I need to connect 2 servos and 2 RC channels to Mini. There is no space in car for beadboard. I would like to remove unused pins from Mini and connect in with Servo board and sensors via cabels.

P.S. i’m looking for something like that:

Parallax Power Input, 3-pin Header I / O Daughterboard

but without power and more 3-pin headers

From SeedStudio. I have used this. You can connect the servos directly.

Yes, I know it, but it for Domino not for Mini and big.

Then use those prototyping boards that have matrix of holes to create a board to the size you like

Ok, I don’t understand one thing.
First, it has to be small. Next, you say you need 2 servos on 2 RC channels.
And you also say

"Each signal must be connected to Mini Di0-Di10, A0-A7 pins. "

So, how many servos would you like and what is your space in the RC car?

Yes 2 servos, and 2 rc channels. Other 3-pin headers for sensors and for future use.

3 pin headers as in JST connectors or as in servo connectors?


servo connectors

um your gonna have to make one. Already lost on me what your even trying to do here.

Same here ???

OK, will this work?
[url]Arduino Nano IO Sensor Shield -DFRobot