Prototype of BeagleBone Black Wireless by @GHIElectronics

Just saw this so I will share…


BBB wireless by GHI. Looks like Octavo, just burst your surprise Gus & Gary.

Edit: oops nope, he’s not with Octavo, my bad.

I would guess that it’s not GHI’s surprise, it’s BB’s surprise.

We have been working with BB on it for a while but this is still a BB product and we are under NDA. Like we announced recently, we are partnering up and making our engineering and manufacturing available to BB… some beautiful things to come out of this partnership.

@ Gus - Anything you can talk about now, that the BBB WIFI is out of the bag?

@ Mr. John Smith - Don’t tempt Gus we are still under NDA and can’t speak of anything about anything

I can tell you this, it has WiFi :slight_smile:


Aren’t “Insiders” under NDA too? :whistle:

Ah thats true, can you tell the insiders then?

@ Mr. John Smith -

NDAs are not commutative!



IANAL. However…Most NDAs I’ve signed do have language that allow signatories to discuss information once it has become public through other means (i.e. it’s been publicly disclosed, but not by the NDA party).

That said, given the limited nature of what was disclosed in the tweet and pic, even if GHI’s NDA contained that language, it would at most allow them to acknowledge that such a prototype exists, and that they manufactured it. It wouldn’t permit them to discuss the details of the board, or their relationship with BB, etc., etc.

So as much as I’d love to hear more, let’s not tempt @ Gus. You know how badly he wants to share. :slight_smile:


At least verify the “Fez Manatee” name rumour.


Around here the rumor is “Fez Pomeranian”

I have always wanted to say “release the kraken”


Soo… Fez Kraken?!