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Hello All. Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving! I need your help. We want to have a customer project highlight page on our website and we would love to see your projects related to Industrial Plant Monitoring and anything related to Transportation. Ready…Set…GO!!!

I have two projects that are weakly related to transportation, but they use NETMF on Mountaineer modules, both of which are somewhat old technology-wise. If you care about that, let me know. The projects are a) replacement controller of a flip-flap board that used to be showing departures at a swiss railway station and b) model railway station control panels for interacting a computer driven model railway.

I cant believe this post hasn’t gotten more attention

I am not :slight_smile: Most of our commercial customers are either not on the forum or have NDAs in place.

Well you could take a look at our EMX based meter

These are used in Australia, Canada, Brazil, the US and hopefully soon in Iceland.

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Are you sure or is this your assumption? I think there are other reasons. When i speak for myself, I really don’t like new forum design and i don’t feel attracted to have a look on a daily basis. It’s less clear than the previous GHI forum.

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i agree with RobvanSchelven and additionally i think its the attraction to use GHI products as we mostly only have promises up to now

I’m not. And we’ve discussed this before. Many of the “commercial” players here will either not be able to promote the details, or what they can say publicly will be limited.

I agree, case studies would be awesome, but quite possibly you’d be best off reaching out to your commercial customers directly, but now you’re one further step away from them with your distribution model. Maybe you just need to say here’s my email address, send me an email and we can discuss how to prepare a case study appropriate for your business


GHI have added support to every single netmf product we have made before with vs2017, for free. We are not asking anyone to buy or pay. While things are going slow, we are not asking for anything in return :slight_smile:

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yes that’s great and a good sign for a bright future but does not solve some major concerns to use your products in current and future projects for the future we only have promises (great promises so the future could be bright) and for current projects we have .NETMF 4.3 from few years ago without current IDE support and with some major bugs and missing features and a alpha version of TinyCLR OS

so now we can decide to use a dead NETMF with all the bugs and missing features or wait for a product where it’s to early to say if it fulfills some expectations

thats not attractive for now

personally i will again consider TinyCLR OS for our future projects as i did it in the past with NETMF but only if i see a huge difference in the complete lifecycle which justifies again a switch from the development environment