Project - Wireless Cloudy Weather Station

I just posted Wireless Cloudy Weather Station on Codeshare. Feel free to discuss and make suggestions here.


Nice work Jason, looks really well written up :clap:

Hi Jason, something I’ve been thinking of, what sensors do use and where did you source them?

@ Robert24 - They’re all either GHI or Seeed Studio. I bought a spider dev kit and some were in that. The others I picked up over time. I’m in the UK so most came from either cool components or proto-pic

the wifi is

Some are now discontinued but you might be able to find them somewhere.

The weather station hardware came from spark fun

let me know how you get on.

I think I already have most of those parts. I’m also in the UK, if you are a Norwich City supporter you must close?


Not much of a footy guy. Rugby’s more my thing.

Good luck with your project. Keep me posted.

We are pleased to share an newly ider! :clap:

@ Jason thank you for using my uCloudy library in your project ! :wink:


Well done Jason … :clap: :clap:

Thanks for showcasing this today guys. The weather here in the UK sure means it’s getting a proper workout…

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I can’t say for certain but I heard a rumor that Microsoft was asking for sample showcases and this might have gotten sent to them but again, at this time, that is only rumor and conjecture. ;D

@ Gary, thanks for sharing. If you are ever in a position to know for sure, I’d be interested in the feedback…

@ Jason - I will keep that in mind.

@ Jason - The first feedback that I have heard and I quote :

I think - They (Microsoft) don’t yet realize how many talented people and what they produce/are capable off, is in this community !!!

@ PiWi - Maybe they’re coming around to our way of thinking. If so this could be our time to shine…

@ PiWi - I’m not sure that’s the case. As with any business, you spend time and money on things that make money and as @ devhammer said in a different forum post, we just need to show that NETMF as part of the IoT world, can help drive revenue in other areas and products.

@ Jason - We are shining already, they must be bloody blind not to see it - 8)

Read the other topic again - and you’ll see my reply on that as well and that’s from the top level …

@ PiWi - I believe that was on the new post in which @ Cuno just posted something interesting, I will go back and reread what you had wrote.