Project - WIndows Form with browser control having fun with WiFi RS21

WIndows Form with browser control having fun with WiFi RS21

The programs do nothing useful except demo several events. The windows form sends commands to the
Fez.Spider and when these events are received the Spider sends some of my sloppy HTML back to the form
application. The HTML shows the current commands written.

I purchased the WiFi RS21 and I needed to find out how to use it. I started with code I found here by Joe.
See WiFi RS21 module example with FEZ Spider at Codeshare Jan. 11, 2012 (Why reinvent the wheel I say)

The Spider events are of two types. One event uses a switch statement and the other events call a method directly.

You must modify the application SpiderRS21WIFI. You need to enter your security key.

Approximately line 130 in the application. See:
//YOU WILL NEED TO ENTER YOUR SECURITY KEY (12345678 is not real…)
wifi.Join(myBSS, “12345678”); // Network with WPA or WPA2 security.
Other security examples are shown in the code.

The applications are only an example of using events between a windows form and the Spider.
The form browser control only displays the events and is not set up to be a general browser.

Have fun!

I’ve notices you upload different parts as separate revisions of the share. That is not very intuitive, because usually you go for the latest revision assuming that is the “latest and greates”.

You can always put each part in its own directory and zip everything into one zip. That is the way to do it to avoid the nested zip issue.


Probably just me but I tried that once and I did not see a way to preview the files. As I recall all I saw was two zips.
I probably uploaded a zip containing two zips. Guess I need to put the files in folders like you suggested.
I’ll deleat this and try again

By the way this has been fixed now. Thanks to Josh!

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I am just referring to the original issue. Willgeorge has resubmitted it after that.
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